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Meet the Farmers

Get to know the faces and stories behind the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor.

Lifelong Farmers Promote Locally Grown Food

From making jams to growing onions, farmer Bill Huhman and his wife, Linda, can grow, make and bake it all. The Huhmans have been invested in the agriculture community their entire lives.

Dangling Carrot Farm

Growing up in a family absorbed in agriculture, it’s no surprise Becky Barnes decided to continue that passion by becoming a produce farmer.

Blueberries by the Bucket

Daniel Huggett is a third generation turf grass producer and blueberry farm entrepreneur, who inherited his passion for agriculture and berries from his father, who grows 200 acres of cranberries in Michigan.

Honeyrun Farm – The Buzz of Pickaway County

Honeyrun Farm was born when Isaac and Jayne Barnes’s passion for beekeeping quickly turned into a way of life for the family, now working full-time on their farm in Williamsport, Ohio, which is 320 bee hives strong.