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Honeyrun Farm – The Buzz of Pickaway County

Honeyrun Farm – The Buzz of Pickaway County

Isaac and Jayne Barnes’s passion for bee keeping began unexpectedly 11 years ago.

“I gave my boyfriend (and now husband), Isaac, a beehive for Christmas because he always loved eating honey, exploring science and pursuing hobbies. It turned out to be a great fit, and we grew our little hobby into a business. We have continued to grow it since we started back in 2003,” Jayne said.

Honeyrun Farm was born when the hobby quickly turned into a way of life for the family, now working full-time on their farm in Williamsport, Ohio, which is 320 bee hives strong. Using their hives and other resources on the farm, they harvest delicious seasonal honey, collect bee pollen, and handcraft intricate beeswax candles, soaps and lip balms.

  • There are three different types of seasonal honey at Honeyrun Farm: spring, summer and fall.
  • The spring honey has a light, mild and delicate taste. It is mostly made from Black Locust tree pollen.
  • The summer honey is sweet and tastes great with a large variety of foods. It is made from clover, Canadian thistle and wild blackberries.
  • The fall honey is rich and has a powerful flavor; it is made from goldenrod and aster flowers.

The honey harvested at Honeyrun Farm is 100 percent pure, raw honey and is never pasteurized or high-pressure filtered. This ensures that the honey retains its natural nutrients as well as the original taste and aroma.

Their soaps are crafted using old fashioned methods, which maximize the skin moisturizing effects from the beeswax and honey. They grow their own oils and herbs for the soaps to add exfoliation and homeopathic benefits. There are different scents and exfoliations to choose from to suit your personal preferences.

Honeyrun Candles

The Barnes also make their own hand-dipped beeswax candles that come in many different designs, including beehive designs, intricate engravings, state of Ohio shapes and traditional candles.

Pickaway County is an optimal location for Honeyrun Farm for many reasons. The county has a rich history of agriculture and innovative, entrepreneurial farmers.

“Pickaway County has an abundance of weeds and wildflowers that are loved by honeybees, such as goldenrod, asters, Canada thistle, Russian olive and bush honeysuckle. The Pickaway County Fair and the Pumpkin Show both showcase the variety of agriculture grown in this region,” said Jayne.

The Barnes find joy in supporting each other and working together with their neighbors in the county to help local farmers and growers’ businesses prosper. Pickaway County agriculturalists work together, creating a great atmosphere for people who live and visit there.

“We have a little farm stand on our property that is often frequented by our local community to purchase our products. The Westfall FFA has also partnered with us during their annual fruit sale to sell our honey and soaps,” said Jayne. “We love to support local businesses as much as we love being a small local producer. We partner with surrounding farms that allow us to place hives on their property in exchange for ‘honey rent.’ Most farmers also appreciate the extra pollination provided by our bees.”

The Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor is a place where families can enjoy family, food and fun. People and producers in the county enjoy the connections they make with their community. The Barnes believe in supporting local farmers as much as possible, and frequently visit other farms along the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor.

“The Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor allows us to have a supportive community of growers and marketers that inform the public about the varied agriculture in our county. There’s an abundance of food grown in our region, and we believe that the Corridor is a great way for people to connect a family with the source of their food,” the Barnes said.

Honeyrun Farm products are sold at their farm stand in Williamsport, The Health Food Cupboard, Rhoad’s Farm Market and the Pickaway County Visitor’s Bureau. You can also find them at local farmers’ markets, including the Worthington Winter Market, North Market and Worthington Summer Farmers’ Market. Or, you can find them online at honeyrunfarm.com, where you will be directed to their online Etsy shop.

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