Get Involved!

There’s an opportunity for every food and agriculture interest to be involved in the Corridor.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Donate to the Pickaway County Community Foundation’s Agriculture Fund

  • – Host an Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor event
  • – Host a stop for a Corridor Experience
  • – Offer local foods at your restaurant or market
  • – Work with local farmers along the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor to help educate customers at your market or restaurant
  • – Provide information or educational materials that can be shared with consumers
  • – Talk about the Corridor and the many things it has to offer
  • – Serve on the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor’s advisory board
  • – Offer discounts to customers who mention the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor
  • – Advertise on our website
  • – Display the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor logo and information at your place of business