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This map will help you locate the variety of stops along the Corridor. Detailed instructions for using the map are provided at the bottom of the page.

Not seeing your farm or favorite stop?

To View all locations

The menu on the left side of the map has the box “All Farms and Vendors” selected. This means all Corridor locations are visible.

To Filter Locations

Uncheck the box next to “All Farms and Vendors” and select the box next to other categories to filter through Corridor locations.

Viewing Location Information

Information boxes are displayed when an individual location is clicked on the map or in the menu box. These boxes provide a business description, address, phone number, web links and more.

To get Driving Directions

Clicking the link next to “Driving Directions” will open a separate page where you can enter your starting point on the top left of the screen to create driving directions to your chosen destination.