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Visit farms, eat food and experience family fun.

Click through the sections below to learn more about the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor.

What is the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor?

The Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor is a brand created by Pickaway County, Ohio farmers who want to help consumers, residents and visitors experience the connection with their food.

The Corridor runs along U.S. Route 23 through Pickaway County and heads north toward Columbus and south toward Chillicothe and Portsmouth on the Ohio River.

What will you experience along the Corridor?

All along the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor are opportunities for families to connect with their food:

  • Farm markets, pick-your-own farms, farmers markets, Christmas tree farms and garden centers are commonplace and easy to find.
  • Picturesque corn, soybean and livestock farms supply commodities to the global market through our local intermodal transportation system.
  • Families can explore local foods at restaurants and wineries as they head toward Ohio’s biggest travel destination, the Hocking Hills.

Explore Ohio Fresh Food Corridor locations in our directory.

Our Vision

The Pickaway Competitiveness Network’s Agriculture Steering Committee envisions that all of its residents will prosper through the opportunities created by the food and agriculture sector.

Our Mission

We help people experience the connection with their food by promoting homegrown entrepreneurship, new investment and the value of Pickaway County’s existing strengths in food and agriculture.

To further this mission, we developed the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor brand for Pickaway County around our strengths: our prime location along U.S. 23, our ample resources and the diversity of agriculture in our area.

Supporting Partners

Many organizations and individuals have come together to provide insight, research, creativity and resources to develop the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor:


More Information

The Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor is funded through the Pickaway County Community Foundation’s Agriculture Fund, which was established through the work of the Pickaway Competitiveness Network’s Agricultural Steering Committee.

Download the Ohio Fresh Foods Corridor Information Sheet to learn more.

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